Artificial Intelligence & the Bomb: Nuclear strategy and risk in the digital age

Oxford University Press (under contract)

US-China Military & Defense Relationship during the Obama Presidency

'New Security Challenges Series,' Palgrave Macmillan (2018)

Peer-review Articles

'Delegating Strategic Decisions to Machines: Dr Strangelove redux?'

The Journal of Strategic Studies (Available online, April 2020)

'Artificial Intelligence in Future Hyper-Warfare: A perfect storm of instability?'

The Washington Quarterly, Vol. 43, Issue 2 (Summer, 2020): 197-211

'Artificial Intelligence: A Threat to Strategic Stability'

Strategic Studies Quarterly, Vol. 14, Issue 1 (2020): 16-29

'AI, Drone Swarming, & Escalation Risks in Future Warfare'

The RUSI Journal, Vol. 165, Issue 2 (2020): 26-36

'The AI-Cyber Nexus: Implications for military escalation, deterrence, & strategic stability'

The Journal of Cyber Policy, Vol. 4, Issue 3 (2019): 442-460

'Artificial Intelligence & Future Warfare: Implications for international security'

Defense & Security Analysis, Vol. 35, Issue 2 (2019): 147-169

Book Chapters

'US Artificial Intelligence & Emerging Security Technologies Policy in the Indo-Pacific,' in Oliver Turner, Nicola Nymalm, and Wali Aslam (eds)

Routledge Handbook of US policy in the Indo-Pacific (Routledge, Forthcoming)

'Does the United States Face a Multipolar Future? Washington's Response Through the Lens of Technology,' in Benjamin Zala (eds)

National Perspectives on a Multipolar Order (Manchester University Press, 2021)

'Emerging Technologies and Chinese Challenges to US Innovation Leadership,' in Reuben Steff, Simone Soare, and Joe Burton (eds) 

Emerging Technologies and International Security Machines, the State and War (Routledge, 2020)

'The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Strategic Stability, Escalation, & Nuclear Security,' in Sam Dudin and Chelsey Wiley (eds)

The 2019 UK PONI Papers (Royal United Services Institute, 2019)

'China’s Nuclear Modernisation: The Evolution of Chinese Nuclear Doctrine, Strategic Ambiguities, and Implications for Sino-US Relations,' in M Kouhi-Esfahani (eds)

Nuclear politics in Asia (Routledge, 2018) co-authored with Andrew Futter

Non-academic Publications

'Artificial Intelligence in Warfare: A Threat to Strategic Stability?'

Institute for International Conflict Resolution and Reconstruction (IICRR), Dublin City University, November 2020

'AI, Cyberspace, and Nuclear Weapons'

War on the Rocks, January 2020

'Is China Moving Towards a Nuclear ‘War-Fighting’ Posture?'

The Institute of Asia & Pacific Studies, University of Nottingham, June 2017

'Nuclear No First Use and President Obama’s Legacy'

Think Leicester, August 2016 - with Andrew Futter

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