Artificial Intelligence & the Future of Warfare: USA, China, and Strategic Stability 

(OUP and Manchester University Press, Forthcoming)

US-China Military & Defense Relationship during the Obama Presidency

'New Security Challenges Series,' Palgrave Macmillan (2018)

Peer-review Articles

'AI, Drone Swarming, & Escalation Risks in Future Warfare'

The RUSI Journal (Forthcoming)

'Artificial Intelligence: A Threat to Strategic Stability'

Strategic Studies Quarterly (Forthcoming, Spring 2020)

'Artificial Intelligence in Future Hyper-Warfare: A Perfect Storm of Instability?'

The Washington Quarterly (Forthcoming, Spring 2020)

'The AI-Cyber Nexus: Implications for military escalation, deterrence, & strategic stability'

The Journal of Cyber Policy - Chatham House (Available online, December 2019)

'Artificial Intelligence & Future Warfare: Implications for international security'

Defense & Security Analysis, Vol. 35, Issue 2 (2019): 147-169

Book Chapters

'The Incumbent Unipole and its Allies: Multipolar Challenges to U.S. Dominance in Artificial Intelligence,' in Benjamin Zala (ed), Interrogating a Multipolar Order: The Use of Multipolar Narratives in National Contexts                        

(Forthcoming, 2019)

'China’s Nuclear Modernisation: The Evolution of Chinese Nuclear Doctrine, Strategic Ambiguities, and Implications for Sino-U.S. Relations,' in M Kouhi-Esfahani (eds)

Nuclear politics in Asia (Routledge, 2018) co-authored with Andrew Futter

Non-academic Publications

'Is China Moving Towards a Nuclear ‘War-Fighting’ Posture?'

The Institute of Asia & Pacific Studies, University of Nottingham, June 2017

'Nuclear No First Use and President Obama’s Legacy'

Think Leicester, August 2016 - with Andrew Futter

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