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Keynotes & Presentations

'AI and the Bomb,' US DoD Joint Staff's Strategic Multilayer Assessment (SMA) Speaker Series, Washington DC, November 2023

'AI and the Bomb: A Conversation with Author James Johnson,' Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI), Washington DC, October 2023

'AI and Weapons Systems Committee,' UK House of Lords, Oral Evidence, London, June 2023 (Transcript) (Integrated Final Report)

'China-US Competition in AI: Destabilising and Intensifying,' International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS), London, November 2021

'Situational Awareness, Command, and Control,' Vienna Center for Disarmament & Non-Proliferation (VCDNP), Vienna, October 2021

'Disruptive Technology and its Implication to Strategic Deterrence,' US Strategic Command Deterrence Symposium, Nebraska, September 2021

'Artificial Intelligence: Nuclear Strategy and Risk in the Digital Age,' Center for Global Security Research Lecture Series, Livermore Lab, Livermore, April 2021

'AI in Hyper Warfare: A Perfect Storm of Instability?' Research Seminar Series, Dublin City University, Dublin, October 2020

'AI: A Threat to Strategic Stability?' Brown Bag Seminar at The James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies, Monterey November 2019

'The Impact of AI on Strategic Stability, Escalation, & Nuclear Security,' UK PONI Annual Conference, London June 2019

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